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I'm playing with small hand held pieces that attempt to reestablish connections, or rebuild lost experiences or memories. I keep thinking of them as "broken prayer machines" or "bird machines". A machine you might find that once did something, but doesnt anymore (at least on some levels)

I've been thinking of ways for people to collaborate and figured I'd start with portable samplers and so I've been making various versions. The project is

I'm trying different formats for public interaction at bus stops. It would be really easy to become disoriented though, so I need to keep scenes somewhat contained. (street test of The Shoveler, 2024)

Augmented Reality can also be a lot of fun. I just really liked the fabric of this dress. (Space Daisy 2023)

I like the intimacy of the hand scale performance. Playing sound via the body's electrical charge. (Fingerprints, 2023)

The End in Three Voices - Suzanne Klassen

Working with sound is always an adventure, and I usually approach without too much of a plan. I try to observe what’s building sonically and thematically and give in to that. 

An Everyday Opera evolved over a long time of community interviews, site-specific studies and installations, and then the chaos that was the actual performance. The opera was written & performed by myself, and Varouj Gumuchian. Gary Schilling played the Merchant, Neil Bliss was master of ceremonies, and Richard Greene performed parts of the libretto.

I am a a member of the  (now defunct)Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra. Everyone in the orchestra made their theremins - the video here gives a brief glimpse of how we extended them to do other things.

I want to say im glad ur interested in my love, I am very young 15  must say, in that time I believe i was in love with the greatest guy but he was a monster, my heart is broken but yet to heal ill be dead soon,,,iwant to tell transit im sorry but its the only thing that m akes me happy and if there wasnt transit i wouldnt go anywhere as long as i dont get caught ima do it till i die or maybe not on busses! if u understand us kids just wana live life to the fullest u might not agree but its fun admit!  Graffiti makes the world stand out and stuff its self expression but us taggrs artist are sorry for doing that on public property! thank you so much!

I made a couple of radio documentaries for CBC- "Chinita: Love in Transit" was about a very prolific tagger who fell in and out of love and wrote about it all across Vancouver's transit system. Sadly the documentary and online magazine piece are no longer available, but Chinita wrote to the CBC when it came to her attention.

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